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Posted on May 25 2020

Add a Sparkle to Your Seaside Holiday with Beach Jewelry

beautiful beach jewelry

A sunny seaside is naturally bright and sparkling, but you can add an extra sparkle on your next holiday with some beautiful beach jewelry. The market range is as wide as the horizon, with prices to suit all budgets, so dip into this pool of possibilities to select your favourites.




Jewelry is most striking when worn in moderation, so think which part of your body you want to highlight and which kind of accessory would work best for you. You might choose earrings, a necklacebracelets or bangles, an anklet or a body chain, for instance. A toe ring is fun to wear with bare feet or sandals, and you might like to hang some beads or other decoration from your sunhat. You'll find even more ideas in the beach jewelry catalogues. If you plan to wear an ornament in the sea, make sure it's waterproof and fastened securely. Small, delicate items can easily get lost or damaged in the sand and waves, so don't risk anything too valuable at the seaside.

14k Yellow Gold Cubic Zirconia Accented Curve Ended Toe RingSterling Silver Rhodium Plated Floral Toe Ring with Multi-Tone Cubic Zirconia

Sterling Silver Three Piece Stackable Set with Blue and Green Cubic Zirconias



Ocean blues, greens and violets look beautiful in bright sunlight and will reflect the colours of the sea. A clear, teardrop ornament with a hint of azure or turquoise will glisten like a drop of sea on your skin. Peachy pinks will blend well with the pretty shells and pebbles, while a gold or platinum jewelry item will reflect the golden sand and sun. But don't underestimate the eye-catching beauty of white - the white of boat sails, wave crests, ice cream and summer clouds. White against dark skin, hair or swimwear can be especially stunning.

sophisticated woman on the beach



Ornaments made from natural, seaside items will be ideal for a beach holiday. You might like a driftwood broochshell earring or coral bracelet, for instance, or a pendant featuring a seagull's feather, polished pebble or other local feature. For a more exotic and expensive jewel, you could go for pearl, amethyst, agate or turquoise, provided you can ensure its safety at the seaside. For cheaper and sturdier adornments, look at colourful plastic beads, raffia tassels, metal trinkets and ceramic novelties, or browse the craft shops and boutiques while on holiday for more possibilities. It's fun to make your own seaside decorations, too, using shells, dried seaweed, grasses, watermelon pips or whatever natural resources you come across.

14k Two Tone Gold Adjustable Bracelet with Cross and Medal Dangles

14k Yellow Gold Multi Strand Beaded Necklace

14k Yellow Gold and Sterling Silver Anklet with Rounded Diamond Shape Stations

14k Yellow Gold Necklace with Gold and Diamond Open Dolphin Pendant

Beach themes


You might like a theme for your beach jewelry, so here are some ideas to inspire you. If you're an animal-lover, you could choose a sea creature, such as a dolphin, starfish or seahorse, for your theme. Or if you like collecting shells, collect some shell jewelry, too, such as a shell pendant or shell earrings, or whatever other options you find in the shops. There are plenty of other holiday themes to consider, such as boats, fish, sunshades and ice cream cones. If you want to keep your theme simple, you'll do well with a seaside colour such as ocean-blue or sand-gold. Now all you have to do is choose which parts of your body to decorate.


Remember that your natural glow will count for more than any accessories, so take good care of your health, beforehand and throughout the trip. Let your holiday joy shine in your eyes and complexion, and everyone around you will catch your sparkle. But a beach jewel or two will add a splash of glamour, for sure.

Bracelet with Seal Life Charms in Opal and Sterling Silver

14k Yellow Gold Double Layer Multi Gem Necklace

beach jewelry examples

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