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Posted on April 10 2020

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Everyday jewelry that makes you feel like royalty

       Dressing up like royalty without having to spend a bomb can be easily done with everyday jewelry. Jewelry is an expression of your taste, style, and even your personal story. Almost every culture and civilization has its own variant. Today, jewelry design techniques have evolved, along with their styles and tastes, but our reasons for wearing it have remained the same.

       Think of everyday jewelry as that perfect comfort tee, well-fit blazer, or the always dependable gown in your wardrobe. These jewelry pieces look amazing every time and work well along with the remaining items being added to your closet. Gold, silver and diamond jewelry essentials work similarly, complementing both simplistic as well as bold looks carrying you throughout your day; so that you don't have to fuss about your appearance every hour.

       Are you looking for that perfect piece of jewelry to accentuate your wardrobe-regardless of the outfit you choose?

       If you wish to establish your own personal style as a well-dressed person, it's extremely important that you choose your jewelry wisely. If chosen correctly, your jewelry can help you stand apart. Additionally, it can also help you to make subtle statements while accentuating your outfit.

       The good news is that you can already start building your collection of everyday jewelry for all of the aforementioned things and more.

       This article aims at informing you about the different types of jewelry pieces available and which types you would be required to choose for your specific needs.


collection of everyday jewelry

Read on to learn what to add in your collection...

       Choosing the right jewelry essentials is a meticulous task. It's very important to select pieces that highlight your current wardrobe's strength. But it's equally important to begin with certain basic features that will never disappoint you. We will help you select such pieces during the course of this article.  Make sure you have those in your jewelry collection soon. A pair of evergreen studs, an elegant bracelet, and chic, layered necklaces can never disappoint.


And who can forget that simple yet elegant ring!

       At Store925's, designer jewelry portal (, we have a phenomenal collection of over 3500 jewelry pieces that exhibit the best of artistic and design creativity.

       We try to keep our collection as widely varied as possible, so that it can accommodate everyone's unique sense of style. We help all of our patrons/clients manifest their personal style and feel amazing while doing it. We exhibit luxurious, elegant, yet affordable jewelry pieces for every individual to feel gorgeous in.

       Browse through our exquisite collection ( to see which piece best expresses you from our eclectic exhibition of finery.


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Why Fine Jewelry Can Be Worn Every Day

  • Every piece of jewelry you buy has a personal story to motivate your purchase. Some pieces might commemorate a special event while some others may be gifted to us by the special people in our lives. However, there can be no better reason for buying jewelry other than the fact that you want to simply wear it without any rhyme or reason! Whatever your reason, don't hold back from treating yourself.

  • Fine jewelry holds a universal appeal. No matter where you go, people can be seen wearing, selling and admiring jewelry design and aesthetic.

  • Jewelry reflects the wearer's artistic taste and preference, fashion sense, and personality.

  • Jewelry completes an outfit's overall look – adding that final touch of sophistication and elegance which can elevate any outfit.

         There is always a piece of jewelry for every occasion; affordable, fine jewelry can work with any formal as well as informal attire. Fine jewelry can work with jeans and tee as much as it can with a glamorous cocktail dress or formal business suit.

         So with all these amazing reasons for wearing fine jewelry every day, why don't you pick a piece for yourself today?


    Everyday Jewelry that will rarely go out of fashion:

           Jewelry worn daily can be appropriate for any situation. Timeless jewelry is versatile, which you can easily carry from morning till night, one occasion to the next.

           Select everyday jewelry that is meaningful to you. As a daily-wear jewelry piece, you wouldn't want to go wrong wearing a piece of jewelry that depicts some kind of sentimental value. Perhaps it could be an elegantly designed mother’s day locket from your children, studs your parents gave you on your most special occasion, or a whimsically fragile design expressing ‘love’ from a special someone in your life. Whatever the emotional or sentimental attachment, most of everyday jewelry pieces have a story which adds on to their.

           Keeping that in mind, here is a quick reckoning of the most commonly worn types of jewelry pieces which are perfect for everyday fashion:


    1. Diamond studs

         Diamond studs are a must have in any person's jewelry collection. The perfect earrings for everyday jewelry comfort wear, diamond studs help afford an elegant statement with lots of sparkle. Simple diamond studs can never go wrong, but you can always experiment with slim designs combined with multiple diamonds for a more appealing chic alternative.

    diamond studselegant two-tone gold stud earringsyellow gold studs with diamonds

    2. Lockets

         Lockets hold a timeless appeal; they are attractive, and basically sentimental. Lockets are used to hold photographs of people that are close to your heart. They are meant to remind you of them while you adorn your daily-wear with a beautiful locket. Usually gold or silver is the metal of choice while designing exquisite lockets, but these days platinum is on the rise in popularity.


    3. Delicate necklaces

         Necklaces that are delicate and flimsy are excellent for adding subtle luxury to your appearance. A necklace with minimal yet carefully incorporated details, slight glimmer, and minutely embedded patterns is understated enough to be worn every day, but also elegant for wearing while going out.


    layered necklacetwo-tone gold chain necklacetri-color gold necklace pendant

    4. Bold Rings

         Bold cocktail rings might be a bit garish for a not-so-appropriate event (think business meetings), but can be just about perfect for casual daily wear and informal events. You can easily choose rings with a wide band and a matte finish to give off the royal, yet comfortable vibe.


    5. Stackable rings

         Stackable rings are modern, stylish and have a different identity for every type of metal. You can be sure that gold rings would look completely different from silver ones, regardless of similarity in design. Opt for a stackable to inject some funk into your daily-wear.

    gold ringtri-color gold ringdiamond engagement ringtwo-tone gold ring

    6. Earrings

         Earrings add that extra oomph factor without being too loud on your look. In fact, diamond hoop earrings are much the rage today for combining sophistication with loads of drama. They’re perfect for the office, for lunch dates and other formal events. Earrings can work with other precious stones equally well. They are timeless, classy, and beautiful and work with almost everything!

    rose gold hoop earringstwo-tone gold earringsgold earrings with diamonds

    glamorous women wearing jewelry

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